Why Meiosis Health Care

  • Cost Saving Pricing Plans - Our pricing plans are cost-saving to the providers. You come with any competitive pricing, we charge you lesser than that, not just for the namesake, feel it in your wallet.

  • Risk Free 7 Days Trial - With our Free Billing Trial you have the time to evaluate our services, feel the comfort of working with us and more over there are no risky contracts for the trial period other than the HIPPA Compliance Agreement. If you are not satisfied with our services at the end of the trial period you are free to wind up.

  • Cost Free Benefits - Provider Credentialing, Practice Analysis and Special Reporting services are always free of cost services in all of our Basic Pricing Plans.

  • Resolving Nature - We never work for the namesake or for reporting purposes. We know results are important than reasons. Everyone of our employees are taught to think out of boundaries and work for resolutions. Thus we have coined a new word and call our employees as Resolutors.

  • Integration of Skill Sets - We at MHC have integrated the antipodes of Billing & Coding Expertise with Technological Proficiency. This integration has eased our processes in the most complicated areas of revenue cycle management. On the other hand we completely serve as an offshore team to our clients as if we are a part of their office.

  • Turnaround Time - We take your concerns at first and address them first. Our Turnaround Time is less than 24 hours, however most of your concerns will be addressed within 8 hours.

How we manage with lowest rates

  • Automation - We have automated many of our processes that makes our work faster and saves human resource utility.

  • Contentment - We are still quite happy with the profits we make. Our profits will be increased by increasing the number of clients not by increasing the prices.